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ALONE The Life Of Poe



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Redfield Arts Audio is thrilled to announce that our epic audiobiography of Edgar Allan Poe, featuring a full cast , music, and sound effects will go into production in 2019!

ALONE The Life Of Poe

Written and produced by Mark Redfield, ALONE The Life of Poe is an epic audio drama chronicling the extraordinary life and times of Edgar Allan Poe.

Presented over a story arc of 20 half-hour Chapters, with a running time of over 10 hours ALONE The Life of Poe will feature the finest actors assemble to voice over 200 roles. Original Music is Composed by Jennifer Rouse, with period music woven through-out the production. 






THE CAST AND TEAM for “ALONE The Life of Poe”

Jeffrey Combs Lana Wood Mackenzie Menter
Caroline Munro Veronica Carlson Brinke Stevens
Debbie Rochon Jennifer Rouse Mark Redfield


THE VOICE CAST for “ALONE The Life of Poe”

Jeffrey Combs…Edgar A. Poe (And David Poe, Jr.)
Lana Wood…Maria Clemm
Mackenzie Menter…Virginia (And Eliza Arnold Hopkins Poe)
Veronica Carlson… Frances Allan
J.R. Lyston… John Allan
Caroline Munro … Jane Stanard
Catherine Combs ... Marie Louise Shew
Brinke Stevens … Sarah Helen Whitman 
Debbie Rochon … Sarah Elmira Royster
Paul Day Clemens… James Russell Lowell, Charles Dickens
Kevin G. Shinnick … Dr John Moran
Jennifer Rouse … Mrs. Moran 
Mark Redfield … The Narrator 

The Redfield Arts Audio Repertory Company for 2019
Mary Anne Perry
J.R. Lyston 
Jennifer Rouse
B. Thomas Rinaldi 
Eric Supensky
Lois Bailey DeVeas
Olivia McMahon 
Ben Dawson
Mike Moran 
Ronald Burr
Belle Burr
Johnny Weissgerber 
Matthew Bowerman
And Mark Redfield 


There has never quite been anything in audio drama of this depth and breadth. 10 hours to fill with the tragedy, the comedy, the triumphs and the disasters of Edgar Allan Poe. Poe fans will be excited for a dramatized biography that corrects the lies and misconceptions of this great American writer. 

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