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Posted 12/12/18

This holiday season you can listen to Mark Redfield’s fantastic reading of Charles Dickens’ timeless classic “A Christmas Carol” on The Redfield Arts Revue- - for free!

If you’d prefer to listen to the whole recording at once with your family and loved ones, or while in the car, or where ever you like best to listen to audio books, you can down load “A Christmas Carol” from:




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Narrated and Performed by Mark Redfield. Music by Bill Dickson. 

Since 1843, “A Christmas Carol” has delighted millions around the globe and has come to embody the spirit of Christmas for all who have been touched by its magic. Your favorite characters come vividly to life in this rich performance by Mark Redfield. With wonderful music by Bill Dickson, gather ‘round this holiday season to hear the beauty and timeless art that is Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.

“Redfield’s meticulous diction, perceptive phrasing, excellent transitions and impeccable timing make his Scrooge the finest we have heard. His is a classic interpretation that is almost Shakespearean.”
- The Baltimore Sun