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Daniel Roebuck, the voice of Frankie in FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER is starring as The Count in Rob Zombie’s THE MUNSTERS!


Posted 7/27/22

Daniel Roebuck in Frankenstein Mobster

Monster Kid Daniel Roebuck has your monsters covered!

THE MUNSTERS from Rob Zombie, starring Dan as The Count, debuts on Blu-ray 27 September 2022, then premieres on Netflix! We’re so excited to see it!

But a month before, in late August 2022, you can hear Daniel Roebuck as Frankie in the Redfield Arts Audio production of FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER, along with the fabulous voice talents of Debbie Rochon, and a wonderful full cast, with an original score and immersive sound effects.

The epic audio drama FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER, adapted from the graphic novel by Mark Wheatley, will be on Audible worldwide! 

Meanwhile, listen to a great interview with Daniel Roebuck on The Redfield Arts Audio Podcast! The episode can be found FREE on all podcast platforms- ApplePodcasts, AudiblePodcasts, SoundCloud and wherever you get your podcasts! 

Roebuck has the monsters covered ! (Now we just need to find a werewolf for him to play, and - - trifecta!)