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Harker And The Shadow Of Dracula

Set in London in 1905, during the Edwardian era and during the years of rapid social and technological change, and only a few years after the adventures of the English vampire hunters in Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula", our HARKER SERIES follows the continued adventures of Jonathan and Mina Harker.

By day, Jonathan is a successful solicitor, and Mina is a successful school teacher. Progressive and forward-thinking, the couple are bonded by mor than mere marriage: they have a son together and they have the shared, terrifying experience of helping vanquish the greatest vampire who ever preyed upon the living, the King of Vampires, Count Dracula!

The Harker's ongoing adventures as vampire hunters will be dramatized in a series of audio novellas starring Mark Redfield as Jonathan and Caroline Munro as Mina.

is the first 90-minute audio novella that will be produced and released in the first half of 2016.

Several years after the events that were chronicled in "Dracula", Jonathan and Mina confront the horror of their young son being preyed upon by the acolytes who have sworn to uphold the legacy of Count Dracula, and bring him back to undead life at any and all costs! To save their son, Quincy, the Harker's must travel back to Castle Dracula in Transylvania and stop Dracula from executing his revenge.

The second audio novella is HARKER AND THE DEVIL'S CHILDREN.